A peep with chiptune addiction, got inspired by FearofDark, KitsuneĀ² and other chip musician. I hope you enjoy all my track/song
note: all of my track are made in Dn-FT and FL so at least you don't have to ask what daw/software I used XD

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8bitJackie's News

Posted by 8bitJackie - April 2nd, 2021

yes, now you know my birthday (it's not a lie so uhh... don't)

After some recheck of my old file, I decide to remake/remix some of my track into a huge thing. and ye also, gonna finish "that album" I planned when I was a noob (like right now)

so yea, thanks for support me back then! love you guys (no homo) ;)


Posted by 8bitJackie - January 3rd, 2021

Yes, I hit 50

well yea, it may a smol amount but for many people, but for me it's awsome! :D

thanks you guys for your support though 2020. I hope I would do better next year!

-btw if anyone can do the visualizer thing, contact me, I really need a dude like that since I couldn't upload any song that I made in FL (yea I'm planning switched to FL x FT)-

Posted by 8bitJackie - October 17th, 2020


Back then, I was confused why my song are approved on newground but I can't use it in the game. so I scroll up the news and found out how to. after that I asked sir hadoken to add me and he agree ayyy. thanks you guys for support me back then, even if I'm current infamous but I hope *some days* imma get famous so... enjoy them :)


Posted by 8bitJackie - September 5th, 2020

or is it? who know?

*actually I know

I'm currently working on a project named "Project M.P.D." which contain at least 11 track (not sure about the amount but ye). hope ya enjoy the track/album when it's release and ye, about the track. imma not gonna release it until I finish first 5 tracks and you can't actually download some of them... well... some.

about the project, MPD is stand for Mu--- Pe----a---- Di----de- and it's about me, ye I do have it. and I said it would have at least 11 track because we have:

-the intro

-5 first track about the first P I ever have

-5 next is about the other (ye wtf you expected lol)

and there's more like "long story" or "bonus track".


thanks for supporting! I love ya (no homo)

Posted by 8bitJackie - August 24th, 2020

eyy you, yea you who check my pf and my song, you guys are awsome, I wanna thanks and just to let ya know that I can remix some song and here's the list of what kind I can accept and which can't:


-copyright (obliviously)

-fearofdark remix or similar dude (I'm not that god)

-dubstep (what software do you think I'm using)

-high sped song (some)

-too much melodies (my ears can't handle them)

-nsfw shi- (yes)


-any lofi (maybe...? they're chill)

-90s pop song (if they're not copyright, then ok)

-challenge? (idk this will be fun)


Posted by 8bitJackie - August 23rd, 2020

It said that I can only put 4 tracks a day so imma try to repost all my track here and wait for application. Thank you people on youtube who sub to me and support me, these 4 tracks are my most proud of track by the time. if you have any question, mail me jackiethebunny4101@gmail.com I'll try to answer them! Thanks again